A Major 25 Year Anniversary

How time flies.  It’s twenty five years since that fight in Las Vegas between Frank Bruno and Mike Tyson that took place on 25th February 1989.

It was a difficult fight to watch for me on two fronts.

Firstly, the fight itself – Frank did land a couple of punches in the first round prompting the late, great commentator, Harry Carpenter, to yell, ‘get in there Frank’. But it was not to be, it was stopped in five rounds.

Secondly, it was my wedding night. It takes some explaining, getting up in the early hours on such an occasion to watch a boxing match on the hotel TV – a hotel, incidentally, that I surreptitiously chose due to the availability of the fight.

However, while Frank and Mike only lastest five rounds (although they did fight again), here am I, twenty five years later still married to my wife. So what is the secret?

I, like many husbands whose marriages have lasted longer than the average sentence for murder, would put it down to copious use of the words, ‘yes, dear’. But, I think my sister put it best in her anniversary card to us both:

‘A medal for Carol, and I guess you’re just grateful Chris’

Indeed I am grateful and very lucky.

As this is a finance blog, I could include a lecture about the benefit of financial planning on marriage or living together, but it’s simpler to contact me to learn more . Instead, I’ll be topical and look to the Winter Olympics in Sochi for a financial link and in particular the Russian Police (Army?) Choir.

You may have seen their rendition of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, but here for your entertainment is their cover of Abba’s ‘Money, Money, Money’


Yep, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.