Independent Financial Advice

why we offer independent financial advice


We mention that we offer ‘independent financial advice’ in all sections of this website. What does that mean in practice?


In short, this means we are able to choose suitable investments and products for our clients from the whole market place.

This is especially important for this firm.

We’d be wasting our expertise and investment experience if our advice was restricted to a limited range of products that may have poor track records or high fees.

If we can find a better financial solution that’s more suitable, we want to be able to provide it.  You can read how we like to get ‘under the bonnet’ of certain investments and other research in our blog.



5 examples of the benefits of independent advice:


  • When clients come to us with files full of legacy investments, pensions and insurance that they need advice on, we can comment objectively on the whole lot;
  • Our clients do not have to remain in uncompetitive or failing financial arrangements;
  • If you have dissatisfactions with your current arrangements, it is rare that we cannot improve your circumstances after having undertaken some careful independent research;
  • We start with the bigger picture of your circumstances, goals and preferences, and only when we have understood that picture, identify precisely the right financial products to achieve your objectives;
  • We can review all your financial provisions, wherever they are, with you on a regular basis, as a core part of our ongoing service.


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