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Our business advice is simply aimed at giving you more control.

This may be to provide you with an insured sum to buffer your firm against the implications of losing key staff or shareholders. Or it may be in helping to retain staff at all levels by providing benefit packages as part of an overall remuneration strategy.

There are also one-off mandatory requirements such as auto-enrolment for workplace pensions, where we can help you manage the whole process. This is one box that definitely needs to be ticked, but this is also a distinct employee benefit and we can help ensure you and your staff get the most out of it.

And in all of the above cases we will demonstrate how we have looked at the marketplace as a whole and used our independent status to arrive at the most effective solutions.

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We are also able to provide additional support that draws on our practical experience, both here and abroad.

Our director, Chris Pearce, first arranged for a corporate client to insure its commodity and currency risk when he arranged a gold hedge for a mining company in the early 90s. And his subsequent involvement in the convertible bond market in Asia required an understanding of default, currency and interest rate risk.

So when another financial institution approaches you with the latest fancy product, we can be relied on for an impartial assessment based on our practical and theoretical knowledge.

Finally, we also aim to keep on top of new developments, especially in the area of corporate finance.  We have covered the growth in peer-2-peer lending in our blog,  although we focussed on peer lending to retail customers rather than to small businesses. But, lending to business in this way is also growing rapidly – the IPO of Lending Club in the States at a frankly stratospheric valuation is a sign of that.

And this also reflects a general trend towards more and more financial services that were once only available to large corporations being offered to smaller businesses.

And we hope to be part of that.