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Chris Pearce   Chartered FCSI
Chartered Wealth Manager.

From 31/3/21 Pearce Wealth Management is no longer operating as an independent financial adviser as we concentrate on our core business of delivering due diligence services on the most complex investments to financial advisers.


Over the following pages I have listed our full range of financial planning and wealth management services.

At the heart of these is the aim of giving you a better understanding of your financial goals and how to achieve them and I want you to feel comfortable and informed by the whole process. Some of you may, for example, want much more detail than others and we will be happy to provide it.

It is also why I developed our own dynamic planning software, ‘SumItAllUp‘ as I wasn’t happy with what was on offer elsewhere.

And I hope that our level of service meets your expectations. The eight years I spent in Japan taught me something about the standard of service expected everywhere, from shops and restaurants to the policemen towing away my car that I thought I’d parked correctly – honestly, by time I collected it I thought they’d done me a favour.

Finally, I want to demonstrate some of the knowledge that supports our aim of trying to preserve as well as grow your wealth through careful risk management of different assets and investments.

Below I explain just one of the roles I have held in finance and in the section on ‘expertise’ you can learn more.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  This whole website and it’s forms are encrypted as you can see by the ‘padlock’ in your browser address bar.


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I had three separate roles as a ‘Bucho’ or department head during my time in Japan. The last of these was as the head of a convertible bond sales team and while I did not know it at the time it gave me a unique insight into some of the multi-asset funds that are now offered as pension investments.

Convertible bonds are way for companies to borrow at lower interest rates by offering the lender the sweetener of a right to buy shares in the company at a fixed price. That brief description only partly explains their role in corporate finance and I won’t go into all the bells and whistles they can have here, but suffice it to say they can be complex hybrid investments.

To begin to understand them you have to know about balance sheets and default risk and you need experience of dealing and valuing ‘multi-assets’ – equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives. You also need to understand how all those variables combine and correlate, how to model them together and especially the limits of that risk model.

In essence you are drawing information from almost all investment areas and managing the risk.

And that knowledge directly applies to methods now used by some planners to forecast future returns on investments and also assess the risks of investment portfolios without the planners themselves having much practical or theoretical experience.

Which is why I decided to develop our own planning tool SumItAllUp as a tool for illustrating the chance of different investment outcomes, although it can never, of course, guarantee an investment’s performance.

It is also why I am happy to state that when working with clients I am using planning tools that I understand and am happy to explain.